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Safety Advice and Landlord Gas Safety Check


Gas appliances in tenanted accommodation are, by law, required to be tested and certified on an annual basis. Unique Heating and Plumbing Ltd can certify your appliances and give you a yearly reminder when the next inspection is due for renewal. We can also fully service the appliances whilst on site to keep the appliances running efficiently.

Managing agents may be used however, responsibility for ensuring that all necessary checks are carried and records accurately kept needs to be clearly defined.

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Frequently asked questions

Q. What are my main duties as a landlord?

  1. Ensure gas fittings and flues are maintained in a safe condition
  2. Ensure an annual safety check is carried out on each gas appliance/flue
  3. All installation, maintenance and safety checks to be carried out by a Gas Safe registered gas installer
  4. Keep a record of each safety check for 2 years
  5. Issue of copy of the safety check record to each tenant within 28 days


Q. What the Safety inspection will detail ?

  • The date the appliance or flue was examined and the address where the appliance is installed
  • The landlords details (name, address and, where necessary managing agents details)
  • Description and location of the appliance or flue
  • Recognition of and recording of any defects
  • The name and signature of the gas operative and the Gas Safe registration number of the engineer of their employer.

The following checks will be carried out to ensure the appliance is safe to use:

  • Appliance operating pressure or heat input, or where necessary both
  • Correct operation of safety devices
  • Ensure adequate ventilation is available where required
  • Visual examination of the flue system
  • Where applicable, results of a flue flow test
  • Where applicable, results of a spillage test
  • Ensure flue termination is satisfactory
  • The appliance is safe to use

On completion of the above safety checks the gas operative will accurately record the findings on the Landlord/Homeowner Gas Safety Record. Our clients then instantly get a copy of the certificate emailed to them on completion of the work.

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